• The storm Vaia

These black and white pictures were taken by me in half August 2019. The exact place is Saviner Di Laste.
They show aftermath of the “Vaia” storm on October 29, 2018 in Italy.

Articolo originale da “The Eurpean Forest Institute”. Clicca qui.

The storm Vaia caused considerable damages to the Italian forests, especially in the northeast of Italy. This area alone produces 2/3 of all Italian timber. Here, over 60% of the forests are PEFC certified for their sustainable management.

The numbers are stunning. The strong sirocco wind, in just one day (29th of October) knocked down about eight million cubic meters of wood: the same amount harvested in an entire year of silvicultural activity in all Italy.

Trentino Province alone has lost 1.5 million cubic meters; Alto Adige lost just slightly less than that, with similar losses in Veneto and in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. Downed trees included not only spruces, but also firs and beech, depending on the area. The storm left hundreds of kilometers of forest roads to be restored.

It is in this situation that PEFC Italy has decided to launch the PEFC “fair supply chain” project (“Filiera solidale”), asking the certified companies to purchase timber coming from these forest areas at a fair price, instead of importing timber (Italy imports 80% of timber).

This activity will allow to develop and relaunch the national timber supply chain. This timber will be traced through the production chain, up to the final consumer and will be marked with a special logo.

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